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Vic Koenning is a competitor

If you have 4 minutes sometime today, watch this interview with Illinois defensive coordinator Vic Koenning.

This is after practice and he sounds a little tired; but as the questions come you can just hear the competitor in him.

There is a great point in here (around the 0:55 second mark) where a reporter asks him about whether the focus this August is on preparing the players to have a great season or is the goal to have the best possible practice everyday. Koenning's answer is an interesting one, "Human nature has you try to prepare for that practice to be the best that you can for that practice...but we're trying to get back to focusing on the season" something he says he might have lost perspective on last year.

A couple of takeaways. First, Koenning leads off emphasizing how good their offense is, "really, really, really good". Second, he'd like to have a little more depth right now with his guys (who wouldn't though). Finally, we're very confident he'll have his guys prepared come next Saturday when they host Arkansas State.