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Video: A great way to add talent to a solid young roster

UMass Dartmouth is a Division III program on the rise.

After starting 15 freshman this season, the Corsairs went 3-6, with three of those losses coming by seven points or less. They were essentially a few snaps away from a 6-3 season with the bulk of their starters as first year college football players.

To add to that talented freshman class, a former player put together this video to help the program with recruiting, and the staff tells us that it has paid huge dividends for them on the recruiting trail.

Regardless of classification, every program has someone they can reach out to that can do something like this. It might be a past player, or maybe it's someone in a creative / artsy program on campus, either way it's something that will pay off big when recruits are able to sit down and see what your program is all about.

Great move here by UMass Dartmouth.