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Video: Arizona opens the doors of their new five story football facility


 The finishing touches are still being made, but yesterday Arizona athletic director Greg Byrne led media members on a tour of the new football facility.

Byrnes explains at the end of the tour that the days of apologizing for what they have while giving recruits tours are now gone, and a new era of Arizona football begins with the new five story, 189,000 square "football factory", as Tuscon News Now refers to it.

The new cafeteria is impressive, as is the new locker room (the previous one they refused to show to recruits) and weight room facilities and flat screens can be seen everywhere. Byrne also raves about the stadium renovations and how they make fans feel like a legit part of the action.

Byrne explains the facility as not only a game changer in recruiting, but also as a spring board to get the program to the Rose Bowl.

“We want to be able to get to the Rose Bowl. We want to be able to compete for championships in football. This is that foundation to give us a chance.”

Check out the video (which sadly will not play on iPhones) and pictures below. Once all of the finishing touches are in place we're sure Arizona will put out a top quality video showing off the details of the place. We hear excellent things from the staff...stay tuned.

Tucson News Now


(H/T to the Arizona Daily Star for the photos)