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Arizona's "Speed" may be the video of the year

Is there a staff in the country that knows how to attract the attention of recruits when it comes to videos quite like Arizona?

Remember the "Hard Edge" installments out of Tuscon? This one, title "Arizona Speed", has a similar flavor, this one poking fun at the proposed 10-second rule. Got to love the use of the "Saved by the Bell" style cell phone by Matt Dudek and brilliant cameos of coach Rodriguez.

The Wildcats' staff gets in their talking points in a much more entertaining way than droning on from behind a podium. It's political satire that would make the folks at Saturday Night Live proud. Perhaps they should have pushed the Oscars back one night so that everyone was able to see this before winners were crowned.

Their videos are always imaginative and fun and recruits are absolutely eating them up. This one is the perfect example of that template that has worked so well for them.

This is pure entertainment/recruiting/pop culture gold.