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Video: The Razorback recruiting philosophy explained

Here is a really good video from Arkansas where Bret Bielema and on campus recruiting coordinator Chris Hauser explain their overall recruiting philosophy and the long laundry list of things that they're able to sell to recruits that are considering playing ball in Fayetteville.

Bielema also explains exactly how he factored in the recruiting prowess of potential assistants when he assembled his first Razorback staff.

"When I first took the job here, I had a list of probably 30 or 40 names that I was interested in as coaches. Obviously you want great X's and O's coaches, and coaches that can scheme offensively, defensively and special teams wise, but everyone has to buy into the recruiting philosophy."

"I'm a strong believer in the Kentucky Derby theory of coaching. You need to have the right horse to win that race and, for us as coaches, we need to have the right recruiters that know and understand that we have to go out and find the right athlete, the right student, the right person, to fit into what we're trying to build here at Arkansas to help win an SEC championship."

About midway through the clip, equipment manager Chuck Hall and Bielema (who has never been a head coach at a Nike school before) talk about the advantages that being a Nike school presents in recruiting battles.

"The first question that is always asked (by recruits) is 'what kind of shoes are we going to wear?' or 'what kind of shirt and shorts are we going to get?' Having Nike is a very easy sell to the athletes. They know they're dealing with the best product. It's the 'A' team'." Hall explains.

I'm willing to bet that recruits and fans are both eating this one up as we speak. Very well done.