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Video: Ault's post-game speech after defeating Boise State

Since we knew Nevada would upset Boise State last Friday night, we snuck one of our staff members, equipped with a tiny handheld camera, inside the Nevada locker room to catch Chris Ault’s post-game speech. 

In the second week of his internship, our guy didn’t understand our standards, so the first 45 seconds of his film are pretty much worthless. Thus, FYI, we’re not paying “Intern #4” for mileage or per diem for his trip to Reno. 

Chris Ault says, “That’s not only the greatest victory in the history of this school, but the way you did it, the way you came back…"

“Men, you will be, when we’re done, the greatest team to ever play here. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you.”

At the end, you can see the team sing “Oh when the Pack Goes Marching In.”