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Video: Behind-the-scenes at Jerry Kill's first practice in Minnesota

GopherAthletics uploaded the behind-the-scenes from Jerry Kill’s first practice as the head coach at Minnesota.

We received an email from a Gophers’ diehard that explained, “We now have a coach. We have a real coach. Mason was a CEO. The last guy was a used car saleman. People are excited up here.”

Kill told his team early on, “All I want you to do today is get better. Listen to your coaches. Give me your best.”

Our favorite part of the video is around the 3:15 mark when Coach Kill goes on an all-out sprint to talk ball security with a wide receiver.

We also like his demonstration of the cut-block at the 4:40 mark. Beautiful!

“We definitely have a vision and know how to do it, but one person can’t do it. It’s got to be a group of people,” says Kill.

The ending is pretty good with Kill sharing some thoughts on his overall outlook on life.

“Every day is a good day for me. I’m a cancer survivor. I got a second chance in life. Every since that happened, I haven’t had many bad days.”

“A lot of people say, ‘Boy there’s pressure.’ You’re worried about not succeeding. Hey, I’m not worried about it. I live every day the best I can and don’t look back.”