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Video: Behind-the-scenes with the Gophers' summer workouts

It’s only fifty-two days until the first Saturday in college football and only three weeks until head strength coaches hand over the players to the position coaches. You will undoubtedly hear a number of head coaches praise their strength staffs as August practice approaches.

It’s almost a guarantee that Dabo and Dan Mullen will be among several that say, “We have the best head strength coach in the country. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.”

Muschamp will praise Mickey Marotti. Jimbo will throw a bone to Vic Viloria. Cutcliffe will praise Noel Durfey.

Minnesota head coach Jerry Kill got it started today.

When Jerry Kill accepted the head coaching job at Minnesota, it was a no-brainer to offer the head strength job to Eric Klein. Klein has coached with Kill for the last 17 seasons including stops at Northern Illinois, Southern Illinois, Emporia State, and Saginaw Valley State.

Kill said, “He’s been the difference. He’s the difference maker on the team. I don’t think any coach (on our staff) would tell you anything different. Without him, we wouldn’t be where we are.”

“He knows how to talk and communicate. He doesn’t talk at them, he talks with them.”

During a behind-the-scenes look into the Gophers’ strength program, Klein explained, “Where we started at and where we are now is 180 degrees. When we walk out on the field now for a workout, the expectation level is so much higher.”

Here's a peak inside the Gophers' strength program this summer: