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Video: BTN's inspirational look at Kirk Ferentz's community contributions

Kirk Ferentz is one of the few faces of continuity in the coaching profession today. With that comes a great responsibility in the community that you coach in. Part of the reason that coach Ferentz is such a well liked person in the state of Iowa (and beyond) is due to his continued involvement in Iowa Cty and the surrounding communities.

The Big Ten Network took a great look at the impact that Kirk Ferentz and his wife Mary have made on the Iowa community, and more specifically, the nearby University of Iowa Children's Hospital. Not only does coach Ferentz make sure that his players take the initiative to help brighten a child's day (which in turn creates a more well rounded players) with frequent visits, but back in 2006 the Ferentz family donated over $400,000 of their own to the hospital, and on top of that proceeds from Iowa's Ladies Football Academy raised over $330,000 in 2012.

That's a lot of coin making it's way back to a very important cause.

The most impressive part about the new hospital might be the fact that some rooms will overlook Kinnick Stadium, an idea that really has coach Ferentz, and kids everywhere struggling with illness, excited about the new building.

Take ten minutes out of your day at some point today and watch this video. Trust us on this one, you'll be glad that you made the time. As the off season progresses, we'll do our best to bring more stories like this to your attention, and make "Feel Good Friday" a weekly occasion.