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Cal's emotional reminder to let your players know you care about them

The Cal football program found themselves in a position that no one envies last Friday. After a routine training run, defensive end Ted Agu collapsed and died.

Last night, Cal held a candlelight service outside of Memorial Stadium where athletic director Sandy Barbour, head coach Sonny Dykes, and various teammates and staffers shared memories of Agu and how his spirit and personality impacted them. Well over 1,000 people were in attendance. The video is very emotional, and even if you didn't know who Ted Agu was beforehand, you'll feel like you did midway through the video.

Dykes' message to those in attendance was very powerful, noting that "you don't summarize a man like Ted with words, the only way that you can do it is with deeds. That's the lesson that our football team, our coaching staff, and our entire football will take away from this, is that when you've lived a life as big as Ted lived, you create a legacy that's even bigger."

While this is a position that no coach and program ever want to find themselves in, it's an important reminder to let your players know that you care for them, and that life is a precious gift. It's easy to get caught up in building the program and the wins and losses in the fall, but keep in mind that it can all be ripped away without a moments notice, so tell your guys how important they are to you.

Please continue to keep the Cal program and college community in your prayers.