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'The Vision': Charlie Weis lays out his recruiting pitch in this video

In his second year at Kansas Charlie Weis and his program probably haven't made the type of strides that they had hoped for, going 1-11 in his first year on campus, and improving two wins to 3-9 this season.

To help them take the next step to bowl eligibility, not only is Weis and his staff hitting the recruiting trail hard, but they're also being proactive in getting their recruiting message out to the masses with this video.

Below, Charlie Weis outlines his vision for the program and challenges the competitive nature of the guys on their recruiting radar, and those out there that are up to the challenge.

"I think that if you have anything burning inside, and you're a competitor by nature, this challenge absolutely fires you up because when everyone says no, you're saying yes. When everyone says that you can't, you're saying you can." Weis says.

"You now have to go prove it, and I'm going to make sure that I'm here until the job is done."

Second Wind Creative does a great job with videos like these, and this one is a prime example.