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Video: D3 football player bowls a 300, entire team mobs him

This is the type of team building you like to see in the off-season.

Division III Utica College held its annual bowling excursion last night, and defensive tackle Mike Kata placed himself among bowling immortality by registering a perfect 300. Our mole embedded in the traveling party captured the final strike on video.

By the way the rest of the Pioneers mobbed him, you'd have thought Kata had busted through the line of scrimmage, intercepted a screen pass, trucked the quarterback and rumbled to the end zone to clinch the Empire 8 Conference championship. 

Come to think of it, though, this may be more impressive than that.

You have to love the way Kata exalts his right arm into the air before the ball even hits the pins, like Prince Fielder admiring his latest opposite field bomb.