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Video: Dabo inspires Tigers during post-practice speech

We snuck into Clemson’s practice yesterday and filmed Dabo’s post-practice speech. It was strange that nobody saw our guy just standing there with a camera.

Dabo told the team, “It’s a sprint. It ain’t no marathon. Don’t be pacing yourself. It’s everything you got, every single day. You understand me?”

“You got twelve days. That’s what you’re preparing for. You don’t get ready on that day. You get ready now. You pay the price, now. That’s why there’s nothing more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Everybody got that? Because they are not willing to and not tough enough to pay the price.”

“So when one of them 12 shows up, you be ready. So you make sure to you win. That’s all you need to worry about, “Win, today.” Everybody got that? You gotta love the grind. Appreciate the grind.”

Here’s the video: