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Video: Do you trust your coaches? Do you trust your players?

Trust – (noun) reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety of a person or thing; confidence.

Trust – The thing that Jerry Kill wants to build his program upon at the University of Minnesota.

Kill says, “My expectations are to get better every day. You can control that a little bit. You don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. All you can do is prepare for it (tomorrow). Our job is prepare our kids and if they work hard and do the right things, build enough trust in the organization, then good things will happen to you. I believe that.”

The ninth YouTube webisode of Gophers Football hammers home the theme of trust and how critical is it for players to trust their coaches.

Kill told his team early in spring practice, “I’m going to line up with people that are here EVERY SINGLE DAY, that are going to play hard EVERY SINGLE DAY, that go to class EVERY SINGLE DAY because I can trust them. I’ve got to trust you and you have got to trust me. And you build that trust when you work together and you work hard for one common goal.”

How many people in this world do you trust? Think about it, then take a few minutes to watch the latest webisode from Gopher Athletics featuring the theme of “trust.”