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Video: Dooley on Install philosophy

Derek Dooley talked a bit about Tennesse's philosophy with installation of the offensive and defensive schemes during spring ball and what is important to keep in mind during spring ball with the media after practice earlier today.

"We put a lot in every day...and it keeps growing and growing. The amount of mental decisions that you have to make and it's hard on the young guys. But it's kind of whole part, whole teaching 'em. You throw a lot at 'em and see what sticks, and then you kind of pick up the pieces and throw some more at 'em" Dooley said.

Dooley explained that the important part of that approach is that is that players recognize the incredible amount of mental energy and mental effort it takes to be a good football player even when your not on the field.

Dooley also took some time to cover with importance of understanding what is said, and not necessarily how it's said with the staff. It's important to understand the message and not be affected by how it is said.

One reporter, excited about the amount of players practicing with the defensive backs asked Dooley how he felt about the luxury of having that many guys in the secondary. "Don't confuse the word depth with being good" Dooley told him.

With many new faces on the staff, Dooley says that one of the biggest transitions for those guys was getting used to the practice schedule and where to be in a whole new environment. Because the players have been through that already, many of the them were coaching the coaches on where to be and the nuances of the practice schedule.