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Video facility tour: FSU strength center - "Fear the Spear"

Florida State released a video today highlighting head strength coach Vic Viloria and the Seminoles’ strength facility.

Viloria joined the FSU staff when Jimbo Fisher took over for Bobby Bowden. He previously served as the head strength coach at SMU and an assistant strength coach at LSU.

Viloria explains, “Everything that we do through Coach Fisher’s vision of where our team is headed, is about creating an attitude and an atmosphere.”

“Our motto is “fear the spear.” And this is where they come to sharpen the spear.”

There shouldn’t be a lack of motivation in the ‘Noles strength facility.

Viloria says, “You can hear the war chant jamming. We have this room rockin'. We want to create that atmosphere. We want to create the environment that it’s time to go to work. It’s time to train, no matter what. These next 45 minutes or hour training session will be the best I’ve ever had. Every single day, that’s what our athletes come to do. That’s what we demand. That’s what Coach Fisher demands.”

Check out the video: