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Video: Here's an interesting team building strategy

As part of their off season team building event, the staff at Central Washington set up an "Amazing Race" type event where the team was split into small groups that had to run around campus and the community in a race to complete tasks.

Some of those tasks required talent, others needed ingenuity, and one challenge called for the unique combination of team work and vocals like Whitney Houston.

Let me explain that one. At one of the stops the players had to choose a song to sing as a group before they could advance. It should be noted that when you allow your players to choose the song that they sing as a small group some are going to go conservative and boring with choices like "Happy Birthday" or the "ABC Song" (and not even the Jackson 5 version), while others will go for your heart and rip a page right from "Remember the Titans".

This looks like a lot of fun, and it's even more fun to watch. It's a nice twist to a team building activity.