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Video: This may be the play call of the year in high school football

With 11 seconds to play in a tied playoff game and his team 41 yards away from the goal line, Olympus High School (Utah) head coach Aaron Whitehead called a play known as "ace flipper option", and it is a play that many of us have never seen (work) before. 

The play started with quarterback Chase Manning hitting Spencer Williams with a simple 15-yard completion in the middle of the field. Williams then immediately flipped the ball to Connor Haller for a hook-and-ladder play that Springville defenders absolutely saw coming, because they had about four guys ready to detonate Haller. Haller then pitched the ball to Coleman Meier, who raced 30 yards to the end zone. Final score: Olympus 43, Springville 37. 

In the end, four separate players touched the ball on the play - three of them beyond the line of scrimmage. 

“We practice it all the time and it just worked perfectly,” Meier told “I just saw the end zone and went for it as hard as I could. ... It was a team effort and it feels amazing.”

“I called it just hoping we’d get into field goal range because we had another timeout, but I admit that I was sort of (freaking out) right after it was called,” Whitehead said. “But when you get the ball in (Meier’s) and (Haller’s) hands, great things happen.

"When Meier crossed the goal line, it was like Christmas.”