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VIDEO: At long last, Houston is going home

The history of Houston football has always been a nomadic one. The Cougars' move to the Big East marks their six conference home since launching football in 1946, complete with two separate dances as an independent mixed in.

While hopping from league to league, the program has also bounced around from house to house within its own city.

Houston first played its games in what was then called Public School Stadium, a creation by the city to house high school games four years before U of H football was born. In 1951, the Cougars began playing their home games at Rice Stadium. They then moved to the Astrodome in 1965, and then moved back into their original home (which had been renamed Robertson Stadium) in 1998. 

The structure had undergone renovations and facelifts in the time since, but it was never a suitable home. That home will be ready in 2014, and a groundbreaking ceremony was held Monday in anticipation of its arrival. You can see previously-released renditions of the $105 million stadium here.

"You see some adults here with tears in their eyes because they can't believe the stadium is down and this day has finally arrived," said Houston head coach Tony Levine. "It's something I know a lot of alums and die-hard fans have been talking about for a long time."

Robertson Stadium was demolished in December, requiring one more temporary stay for a program that has had so many. The Cougars will play their first Big East season at Reliant Stadium and then, at long last, they'll go home.