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Video: How far will you go for respect?

Peru State, an NAIA program in Nebraska, goes through their intense off season workouts just like everyone else, but twice a week, for the first few weeks, they put 80 seconds on the clock and amp up the intensity.

When that 80 second clock starts, they start their first set of ten reps. When the clock ends, the 80 seconds immediately resets and they immediately start their second set of ten. All in all there are nine lifts done in that manner, with 3 sets of 10 as the goal.

Including "supersets", some of the lifts end up with 270 reps in 20 minutes total. We are told that the players absolutely love the challenge that it presents.

That's taking tempo in the weight room to the next level. Take a look at the tempo and intensity in the well done, movie-themed trailer, below.

RESPECT from Jared Olive on Vimeo.