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Video: How one BCS school embraces social media

What you're about to read falls into one of those "If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times" categories: social media is an oncoming train, and you can either hop on or watch it run you over.

That's an attitude George O'Leary's staff has embraced at Central Florida. Well, maybe not George himself, but seemingly everyone else on his staff is quoted in the below video on just how valuable Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and their less popular cousins truly are.

"The thing about UCF is, if a kid isn't able to travel here from out of state...if they can see that online and see the facilities that we have, and see the way we run practice and the success we have, it's a huge recruiting tool for us," said defensive graduate assistant Paul Carrington. 

UCF and Oregon State, two programs that have to go looking for top-end recruits and not the other way around, have found ways to improve their recruiting without leaving the building. Hopefully your program is doing the same.

(HT Kevin DeShazo)