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Video: HS program reveals new unis

When you really sit down and think about it, this past off season more than likely set a record for uniform reveal videos.

One of the best things to see the past few months is the programs that realize that the uniform reveals aren't strictly for the FBS schools with the enormous operating budgets either (as La Mirada HS illustrated).

The latest one that caught our eye comes from Waconia HS (MN). Their new head coach, Sam Baker, got with BiG Athletics and Adidas to come up with these new Tech Fit uniforms, as well as a fresh new logo for the helmets in order to usher in a new era for the program

Baker's motto for the program this season is "Today is the Day" and the coaching staff hopes to use that to teach the team to focus on the process it takes to be successful and to take full advantage of every day. 

The end of the clip shows a handful of seniors demonstrating the chant that the entire team (about 70 kids) will do before every game, which will look pretty sweet with the entire team behind it.