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Video: 405 lbs? Hud has some competition on the bench press

A few weeks back we posted a video of Hud throwing up 370 with ease. After seeing it myself, I thought, "That has to be one of the strongest head coaches in the country on the bench press, right?"

Enter Mark Raymond, the head coach at St. Lawrence, a Division III program in New York. From what we can see, coach Raymond puts up an impressive 405 relatively easy here. I have to admit, I didn't see that one coming.

Can anyone top that (without hurting themselves)? Keep in mind that a lot of us aren't that "athletes" we once were.

Update> St. Lawrence football has removed the video from Youtube after at least one coach (see below) questioned the authenticity. 

Update from Scott> Well, after seeing that St. Lawrence took their video down, I figured we might as well share something fun on this same subject... take a look at the tweets below from back when Hud threw up the 370 and enjoy: