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VIDEO: Scott Cochran leads a tour of Alabama's weight room

If there's one college football program in America that should have a sprawling, off-the-charts, state-of-the-art weight room, it's Alabama. After a five-month construction period, Alabama now has a sprawling, off-the-charts, state-of-the-art weight room.

Call it the Palace of The Process.

The particulars:

- The facility checks in at 37,000 square feet - 21,000 on the lower floor and 16,000 on the upper floor.

- You probably saw the now-infamous "Sweat is just your fat crying" sign posted around the Internet yesterday, along with a "Never Again" sign made after Auburn's comeback win over Alabama in 2010. 

- Twenty combination racks are built into the ground. 

- Not surprisingly, the weight room sits in between Alabama's indoor practice facility and the outdoor practice fields.

- A full service nutrition bar.

- A sound system that can even drown out the sound of Cochran's booming voice. Allegedly. 

- More than anything, the facility was built with functionality top of mind. Cochran mentioned multiple times that every exercise a Crimson Tide player needs to do can be done largely in one spot. 

Even if you aren't a fan of Alabama, the videos are worth watching just to see Scott Cochran's entertaining turn as a strength coach turned real estate agent.

"Just because you have it and it looks great doesn't mean you're going to be strong. We're not going to change anything just because it's beautiful," Cochran said.