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Video: Inside the trenches at Ball State

The Ball State offensive line has made a name for themselves over the past two seasons doing whatever it takes to pile on the wins.

Offensive line coach Nick Tabacca, one of our finalists for the 2012 FootballScoop Offensive Line Coach of the Year, oversaw one of the most productive units in the country last year, ranking 1st nationally in tackles for loss allowed, averaging five yards per rush, while also ranking in the top ten nationally in sacks allowed and rushing yards after halftime. 

While those numbers would be hard to duplicate for even the most veteran offensive line, the Cardinals have been extremely productive this year as well, ranking in the top 33 nationally in sacks allowed, tackles for loss allowed, scoring offense, red zone conversions, and the top 11 nationally in explosive plays of 10+, 20+, 30+ and 40+ yards.

With an 9-1 record, and a showdown with Northern Illinois (9-0) on tap Wednesday, Ball State took a camera inside the trenches to find out what has made this unit so productive over the past few seasons.

You're probably going to want to send this one to your offensive line coach.