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Video: Jack Harbaugh delivers important message to high school team

Back in 1982 Jim Lippe was being recruited by Jack Harbaugh while he was the head coach at Western Michigan. Fast forward over 20 years later and Lippe is the head coach at Ozaukee high school in Wisconsin, and one of his assistants comes up to him before practice to tell him "Coach Harbaugh is here to see you".

Imagine your reaction to that news.

Lippe had the team's first intrasquad scrimmage planned for the day, but took about five minutes out of their routine to have coach Harbaugh address the team. According to the Sheboygan Press, and some video footage shot, Harbaugh used the time to talk about the importance of each player pitching in to achieve the team goals and how vital having a good attitude is and tied in a quick story about a stone mason and workers building a cathedral to drive his point home.

"What you're doing out there tonight, what you're doing in school and what you do as you grow up, it's all about attitude...the attitude that you take toward this great opportunity to play the game of football." Harbaugh told the team as part of his message.

Full video of Harbaugh's interaction with Lippe's team can be seen below, and coach Lippe added that the impact of having a coach with the name recognition of Jack Harbaugh is still being felt a week after he left, describing the experience for his program as both "invaluable and unbelievable".

We can imagine that those two words sum up the experience just about perfectly.