Video: Jerry Kill introduces 'The Minnesota Way'

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There are twenty-one new head coaches in college football this year. As you know, we cover the press conferences of all the head coaches throughout the year.

We must admit, we’re looking forward to covering Jerry Kill’s pressers as much as any. The guy has a sense of humor and often offers some unique analogies.

Today, Kill set the tempo for the beginning of Spring practice at the University of Minnesota.

We have transcribed most of what was said, but do yourself a favor and watch the 4 minute video. You’ll see a head coach that is ready to do some coaching.

Kill explained, “We want to teach our kids called ‘The Minnesota Way.’ We are going to expect him to play hard. How do we identify the personnel that’s going to play at the University of Minnesota in the Fall? It’s just what I told you, they are going to have to do it ‘The Minnesota Way.’”

“If they can’t do that, they are not going to play. Now we may only have 22 of ‘em out there that can play, but that’s what we’ll go with. We’re going to eliminate the ones that don’t do it ‘The Minnesota Way.’”

“The great John Wooden use to teach ‘em how to tie their shoe. That’s kinda what we gotta do. It ain’t going to be nothing fancy in the Spring. We’ll be simple cuz we have to be.”

“We will not give away playing time. I don’t care who you’ve been in the past, how many games you’ve started. It doesn’t matter to me.”

“It took me 28 years and I’m still getting to know my wife. That’s why I’ve been married 28 years. We’re trying to change the culture. You’ve got to earn playing time. We don’t want to get into the fourth game with somebody you can’t trust and rely on.”

“It’s like business. You don’t just walk in to a struggling business and you got all the answers today. You try to meet with as many people as you can to get a feel for the history of the football program here at the University of Minnesota, and then you got to figure out how you’re going to change it.”

“How quick that happens? I don’t know.”