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Video: Malzahn brought in the governor of Alabama to talk to the team

Not every program has the type of pull to bring in the state's Governor for a quick motivational message, but when your governor already has four crystal balls decorating his office, chances are pretty good you're going to get a visit.

Alabama Governor, Robert Bentley, recently stopped by campus to share a motivational message, and an interesting story that paralleled Auburn's turnaround.

"When I ran for Governor, I started at 2%. That's pretty low isn't it? But I worked hard, and I was elected by 60% after all of those elections, and I believe that I was placed here for a reason, and I believe that you were placed here for a reason."

After Bentley wrapped things up, Malzahn added that many people didn't give them much of a shot to be in the national title game. "We've got a lot in common. That 2%...I'm going to bet that we were in that same boat, as a matter of fact we may have been closer to 1%" he noted.

Bentley also touched on the fact that he checked one player's Twitter account on his way to the team facility (the player had quoted a Bible verse), and Malzahn later used that as a teaching moment for his guys.

"Ya know, you were talking about tweets there, and Sammie Coates had a Bible verse that he (Governor Bentley) looked at on his way over here, and I'm telling you everything that you put out guys, it represents you, it represents our school, our state, and everything involved. So it sounds like everything that you told them, that's exactly what we're telling them on a daily basis.)