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Video: Mattison shares some valuable insight

Greg Mattison sat down with the media for the first time this offseason to talk about the progression and expectations for the defense in the second year under his leadership.

The number one goal is to get better at everything they do in the defense, one practice at a time, Mattison told reporters.

Mattison noted that every defense he has ever seen or been a part of has been "strong down the middle" starting with a good noseguard, then linebackers, and then the safeties.

The video is a bit long, but there are a few gems at the end worth hanging in there for. At one point a reporter asks about a player that had lost a significant amount of weight, and Mattison was flattered for a moment, thinking that the reporter was referring to him.

He also remarks at the end about a few guys that haven't been in pads as of yet, and have only been able to participate in conditioning. "This isn't cross country, they can come out there and run like crazy...they can be the best runners in the world and if they won't hit anybody, I won't like them as much".