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Video: Miami puts James Coley in Google Glass for the spring game

Mic'd up sessions are nice and all, but this is a mic'd up session on steroids...even if it only lasts one drive. At Miami's spring game, they put Google Glass on offensive coordinator James Foley for a drive...and that got my wheels turning a little bit.

I couldn't help but wonder: Could Google Glass can help us evolve as coaches? There has to be some value in taking your exact sideline experience throughout the course of a game and being able to review that alongside tight and end zone copies of each play. 

Among out staff here at The Scoop, we've got a split opinion on whether this could catch on and what its exact applications could be in the coaching profession. Strictly speaking from my perspective, there's got to be some value down the road in this first person footage. Let me hear your point of view @CoachSamz and I'll share some of my ideas.

What do you think?