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Video: NAIA program's chaotic Valentines Day Massacre workout

Southern Oregon, one of the top NAIA offenses year after year recently, paired up with their campus ROTC program to take over the programs annual "Valentines Day Massacre" workout.

We hear from the staff that this workout put the players through hell. The first 20 minutes of the workout were made up of absolute no-win situations. As you can tell, the workout environment was absolute chaos and players were going back and forth from one environment to the next being yelled at, and having to find their jerseys in an environment that was just nuts.

The next hour and a half of the workout was team based competitions that included tire pushes, car pushes, carrying teammates in stretchers around the track, running with a full pack on, and shooting paintball guns.

Every off season a handful of program do something like this, but this looks like an absolutely grueling pairing. But for the players, it was a great way to break up the monotony, test individual and team limits, and build camaraderie.