Nick Saban was the subject of a profile on Sunday night’s edition of 60 Minutes. If you’re familiar with the Saban story and ethos, there probably isn’t a lot of new information in the piece for you but, still, it isn’t often a college football coach appears on television’s leading news magazine.

The segment shows a good bit of behind-the-curtain Saban-ness in meetings and at practice. We’ve picked out our favorite Saban quotes from the piece below: 

On the basis for his coaching philosophy: “We create a standard for how we want to do things and everybody’s got to buy into that standard or you really can’t have any team chemistry. Mediocre people don’t like high-achievers and high-achievers don’t like mediocre people.” 

On the thinking behind The Process: “The approach was to challenge the players to play every play in the game like it had a history and life of its own and try to take the other team out of the game, and make it all about us in terms of what we do.”

To a 10-year-old camper: “Come on man, shake hands.”

On regretting saying he wasn’t going to coach at Alabama: “In the end, it effected my integrity as a person by saying one thing and doing something else.”

On why he’s stayed at Alabama for seven years: “There’s not the University of Mars which is a better place. No, there’s not that. So now it’s easy to be comfortable here.”

CBS also produced a second video of the crew describing Saban in their own words:

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