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Video: No mirrors, no TVs. Just a man and his weights

Maryville College is coming off back to back conference titles, and their first D-III playoff berth in school history last season. Head coach Mike Rader and his staff brought in a whole new attitude when they came to the program in 2012, and their recent success is a testament to their "there is no off season" approach.

Walking around the facilities, and the weight room in particular, you won't find some of the bells and whistles that you'll find at other places. But the staff has instilled a belief in players that those aren't the things that win championships. All they need is some weights and motivation.

The elite teams put in the work necessary (and then a little extra), and the Maryville staff has got their players to understand that.

"For the elite, there is no off season. Ali once said that he hated every minute of training. Ali also said 'suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'"

"This is MC. We don't have TVs. We don't have mirrors. All it is, is a man. A man and his weights, and a will to be the best."

Above all, they understand that there is no "off season".

NO OFF-SEASON 2.O from Schirra Fields on Vimeo.