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Video of the Year - FBS division

Our panel's bar was high in selecting an FBS Video of the Year but, let's be honest, they should be. This isn't just the highest level of college football for players and coaches. No, that standard goes for video staff as well.

Luckily, our expectations were exceeded and then some. In fact, it took more than one round of voting to pick a winner from this truly outstanding half dozen. There are truly no losers here, but there can still only be one winner. 

Chris Buttgen, Ole Miss' assistant director of sports video, produced a "2012 Highlights" video worthy of all of the eyeballs in the profession. This is a wonderful example of using video to capture and tell a great story. As Adam Kramer (aka KegsNEggs) put it, "The video from Ole Miss showed really showcased why Hugh Freeze is the nation's most masterful recruiter." Brian Floyd of SBNation noted, "It was -- like I assume all of Ole Miss' recruiting pitches are -- strong and effective. Starting with Hugh Freeze preachin', and preachin' family, is what the Rebels have leaned on heavily and that's a theme throughout the video. Sure, it's highlights set to music, but there's a family theme -- subtle and not, with players and coaches leaning on each other before, during and after games. It sells, as we've seen, and the video meshes with the message Freeze is delivering."

Chris Brown of added, "Revitalizing a football program is about energy, and that energy comes through loud and clear in Ole Miss' video. There's lots of great imagery in the video, but centerpiece of the video is a plea by head coach Hugh Freeze to everyone a part of that program, including potential recruits, to be part of building something great together. It's just a video -- and, after all, it's just a game -- but it captures exactly what makes football special. Not bad for a highlight video."

Ole Miss Football 2012 Highlights

The six finalists were evaluated by our panel consisting of Sports Illustrated senior writer Andy Staples, Bleacher Report lead college football writer Adam Kramer, Smart Football editor and author Chris Brown and SB Nation managing editor Brian Floyd. Each of the 6 was an example of the outstanding video work being done these days and choosing one winner was a highly subjective process. Each of the finalists should be proud and it is our hope that coaches & video staffs across the country enjoying watching and learning from some of the best in the business. Keep innovating!