Western Michigan head coach P.J. Fleck put something of a pop quiz to his team on Wednesday. Each member of the Broncos squad was given an envelope marked one, two or three. Except everything wasn’t as it appeared. Four players had (fake) accidentally been given envelopes with the number four inside, which sent Fleck into a (fake) fit of annoyance.

He called each of the four players down, with the (fake) instructions of getting new envelopes. But first, he had them open their existing envelopes, which much to their (real) surprise, had paperwork inside that put each one of them on scholarship. 

The entire room erupted in real pandemonium, highlighted by whatever dance move Fleck was doing there. 

“These four guys exemplify what our program is about,” Fleck said of new scholarship winners Andrew Aurand, Jason Meitcthry, Alec Moulton and Dan Quinn. “They really do… They don’t have the scholarships like everybody else, but they work just as hard and they sacrifice just as much, if not more, more strain on their family. Don’t you dare take your scholarship for granted for one second.”

In total seriousness, this is a great moment for the Western Michigan program to share with the public, and a moment that each of those four players (and their parents, no doubt) will remember forever. We appreciate the WMU program sharing it with us.  

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