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Video: Pat Fitzgerald stays classy during awkward interview

Earlier today, we tweeted a quote from Kentucky co-defensive coordinator Rick Minter.

Minter said, "I don't even know how to spell patience."

Enter Pat Fitzgerald, who on the other hand, demonstrated humility, grace, and patience among other things today during his post-practice media session.

The session started out as normal, but became pretty damn funny when a young reporter (the guy might be 19) interupts at the 1:49 mark with, “Sorry for jumping in late…just how did everything go today?”

You gotta see it.

Next question from the same reporter…”You guys had another big physical practice. You said Tuesday that you really liked seeing the guys kinda jaw and go at it. I mean, can you get a lot out of these kinds of practices with full pads?”

Fitzgerald’s reaction and answer is priceless. He could have looked at the guy with a dumbfounded, "Huh?" Fitz being Fitz was classy and humble.

Here’s the evidence: