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Video: PJ Fleck passionately explains his vision for Western Michigan

As a first time head coach leading a MAC program, and the youngest head coach in the FBS, PJ Fleck has developed a very good vision for the Western Michigan program and has really embraced getting the word out through the use of technology.

In this sit down, coach Fleck explains the "Row the Boat" philosophy that is now entrenched in the Bronco program and how some adversity in his own life influenced him to embrace that quote and philosophy for his new program.

"What 'Row the Boat' basically means is that, when you row a boat, you're facing the opposite direction that the boat is actually going. When you're rowing it, you have to row at the same efficiency, the same power, same speed, same energy as the other people in the boat to get effectively from point A to point B, as fast as possible," Fleck explained.

"A is where we are at right now, and B is the goal. If we can get everyone in the boat rowing at the same speed, efficiecny and power, we'll get there a lot faster. Now if one person in that boat decides to slow down, and not row and do their job like everyone else, then we'll zig-zag to point B. If one side of the boat stops rowing, then we'll just go in a circle and four years from now they'll be a new head football coach here, they'll be a new belief and a new method and a new saying around here."

"So anyone that comes in contact with the Western Michigan team, we want them to grab an oar and start rowing."

Hear coach Fleck talk more about his extensive philosophy and vision, including his plan to have an oar in every hospital, bank, bakery, and dorm in Kalamazoo, in the clip.

Young coaches take note. It's this type of clear vision for a program, and passion that's needed to become a become a young head coach.