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Video: Ron Zook's daughter is an actress and writer... and she's pretty good

For those who may not know (which is likely all of you), Deadline is kind of the FootballScoop of Hollywood. It's the industry's trade publication that can make the career of a struggling actor with one-well placed mention.

Why does this matter? Because it's the setting of this sketch written and performed by Jacquelyn Zook, the daughter of Ron Zook. An actress with 21 credits according to IMDB in film and television shows such as The Young and the Restless and Criminal Minds, Zook plays the role of a struggling actress convinced getting her name in Deadline is the one break needed to spark her career. 

It's full of Hollywood inside jokes, many of which flew a couple miles over my head, but it's clear enough even to a show business dolt from the flyover states like me can tell it took real talent to write and perform this. 

Coach Zook must be a proud dad.