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Video: Russell Wilson speaks to the N.C. State football team

Russell Wilson's official Seattle Seahawks bio lists Wisconsin as his college of origin, but the folks in Raleigh are quick to remind any who dare bring that up that the Richmond, Va., product was a Wolfpack quarterback first. Wilson graduated from N.C. State in three years, played football and baseball, and threw for 8,545 yards with 76 touchdowns in his three seasons. On Saturday, he returned to his alma mater to speak to the 2014 N.C. State football team before their spring game. 

"It was a mindset," Wilson said of what drove the Seahawks to their Super Bowl victory in February. "Every day that we stepped into the locker room, every day that we stepped onto the field for practice, every day that we stepped on to the field for a game, we mentally believed that we were going to be better than everybody else and we were going to prepare that way."

The three minutes and 27 seconds in which Wilson speaks really give an insight into two things. First, how much he echoes each of Pete Carroll's coaching points. And second, how much love he has for N.C. State. "It's an honor to be here," Wilson said. "It's just a special thing to go to this school. I graduated here in three years. I'm proud to be a part of N.C. State... I love this school to death."