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Video: Sal Sunseri on using NFL film / ideas

New Tennessee defensive coordinator Sal Sunseri is focused on finding ways to make the Tennessee defense better this off season.

One of the ways that Sunseri is getting that message across is taking a look at the best defensive teams in the NFL by category. The best red zone defenses, first and ten defenses, bump and run defenses...those are all cut ups that Sunseri plans to watch with the defense as a whole and then each unit will also watch clips of the best at each position. For example, the defensive line will watch clips of guys who lead the NFL in sacks..etc.

Sunseri says the best part about contributing in Tennessee's new look defense is that all 32 NFL teams will be able to evaluate you because of their multiplicity in scheme.

Some good life lessons open up this clip with Sunseri talking about the importance of education before football, which he witnessed himself as a player.