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VIDEO: 'Seasons' by Colorado is an absolute work of art

I'm not a video guy, so I can't tell you how long it takes to produce an 11 and a half minute video on average. But I can tell you this, it's not 10 months.

That's how long the Colorado video staff put into "Seasons", and every second of that investment was worth it. 

Narrated by Colorado alum Chris Fowler, "Seasons" follows the life of a Colorado Buffalo from toddler to adult. "You don't just become a Buffalo by getting here," Fowler says, "you're not suddenly changed by putting on a jersey. You begin transforming yourself from day one, building up yet another newer, better person to become." 

More than 300 man hours, 14 Terabytes of raw footage and 10,000 photos went in to making what I can say is the best football video of 2013. Every shot is a masterpiece.