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Video: Social media training at Arizona

As recently as a handful of years ago, only NFL and college teams needed to devote time in fall camp to media training. That's because, as recently as a handful of years ago, media was still confined to newspapers, television, radio and the Internet. 

Now, a handful of years later, the media has expanded into the pocket of every single football player in the country in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and another app or two being invented as you read this, every high school and middle school in the country needs to prepare their team with how to handle the media. Even if a reporter will never stick a microphone in your players' faces, controversy is still just 140 ill-advised characters away.

With that in mind, Arizona brought the president of the Speaking Specialist, Sue Castorino, in from Chicago to speak to the Wildcats. This video doesn't have a bumping soundtrack, big hits or shiny effects; it's part of the eat-your-vegetables training every team in the country does at this time of year. And if one of the smartest, most media-savvy athletics directors in the country thinks his team can learn from Castorino, then yours can, too.