Video: UTSA does more much for military appreciation than tweak uniforms

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Over the past few seasons, it's become commonplace for most FBS programs to tweak their uniforms, or logo colors on their helmet to pay tribute to the military.

Some programs do a little more, and some do a little less, but I think it's safe to say that no program goes quite as far as UTSA when it comes to educating their players about military appreciation.

This video was shown to UTSA players to help give them some insight into why they changed the logo and uniform to red, white and blue. Five UTSA grads who became soldiers and spent at least one tour of duty overseas were brought in to help deliver the message, and it's one that a lot of players will be able to immediately relate to.

The service members talk about what it means to wear the uniform, what the stars and stripes mean to them, and they also go on to define what leadership is. It's full of some very powerful messages.

This is a great idea on top of changing up the uniforms a bit, and the video is very well put together.