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Video: Sometimes the best sounding board for your program is parents of players

Giving recruits a first hand look inside of your program by linking them up with current players, or commits, for a campus tour, overnight visit, or phone call is on page one, paragraph one of the recruiting handbook.

However, we all know that the final decision often times comes down to the parents. At Tennessee, Butch Jones and his staff have preached family since his opening presser, and they realize that showing parents that they are just as much a part of the program as their sons are can pay some big dividends.

Here, Jones and the staff have parents attend a practice, grab some grub, and mingle with players and coaches after a scrimmage during a "Family Day". It's a simple concept, but you can tell the parents absolutely love being involved. Two parents perfectly summed up what the event accomplished from their perspective.

"I'm getting to know the family," one mom said. "So you feel like you're not in this alone, and it's exciting."

One dad in particular didn't mince words when talking about what Jones and his staff have brought to Knoxville, noting that "It's just more family like. It do I say this? More professional."

Hear more from parents, and see more of the event below. Whether you're at the FBS or NAIA level, all parents are going through the same thing when the send their kid off the college. Doing something like this keeps them involved, makes them feel valued, and you'll find that parents recruiting other parents may be the most effective method out there.