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Video: South Carolina explains their weight room philosophy

If you want to see one of the major driving forces behind Steve Spurrier's success at South Carolina, this video is exactly what you're looking for.

Joe Connolly has been at South Carolina for five years, and took over as the head strength and conditioning coach for Spurrier's program back in January of 2012. Before landing at South Carolina, Connolly had stops at Harvard and Louisville.

Here, Connolly and the cameras take an inside look into not only what they're doing at South Carolina, but he gives plenty of background into the why behind what they're doing and their program philosophy.

One of the more interesting things that I took away was how they train their freshman very differently than they train their seniors. A lot of programs have a cookie cutter approach when it comes to off season training, but South Carolina is far from that. Then, Connolly ends the video with these comments.

"You have to be connected to these guys at an emotional level as much as you can, and that's what we try to do."

"Make sure that you're ready. Make sure you're ready to work. It's about the the end of the day that's what it's about, our guys. It's about our leaders. It's not about our facilities, it's not about anything other than our environment and our team wanting to work together to get better for a common goal. That's why I'm here."

Whether you're a full time strength coach, or a high school coach that helps run the weight room, this is some quality content. Connolly just gets it.