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Video: The Jets' locker room erupts as players learn Rex Ryan will return

The NFL is a rough business, the type of business where all but a chosen few spend late December and early January hoping to avoid a pink slip. Many inside the NFL believe Rex Ryan turned in one of the best coaching performances this season. Riding a rookie quarterback, a depleted offense and another stellar defensive season, the Jets somehow went 8-8. Even in spite of all that, Ryan reportedly told his players last week he expected to be fired.

That didn't happen. 

"You gave it everything you have every play, and you played hard for this coach," Jets owner Woody Johnson told his players following Sunday's 20-7 win over the Miami Dolphins. "That's why I've elected to keep Rex." Johnson continues talking from there, but we could not accurately transcribe his quote because the immediate celebration from the Jets' players rendered Johnson inaudible. It was instant pandemonium.

The players clearly love playing for Ryan, and Ryan clearly loves coaching the Jets.

"We're here because we're proud to be Jets," said general manager John Izdik. "We wear the colors and logo with pride. We're here because we're cocky - we're not cocky, we're confident. We know what we're capable of doing. And we know where we're going. You know who wears all those traits on his sleeve for everyone to see every single day? This man right here." Izdik then handed the game ball to a fighting-back-tears Ryan. 

Unfortunately the video can not be embedded, so you'll have to click this link. But trust us, it's worth it.