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Video: The most emotional bus ride you'll see this year

If you were busy coaching your own game or otherwise disposed by life on Saturday night, you missed one of the most unique sights television will show you this season. 

We all know about Clemson's history with Howard's Rock, and we've all seen the Tigers run down that overly-steep hill plenty of times. But that's not the coolest part of the tradition. No, the best part is when the Tigers, fully dressed for battle with helmets on, pile into three buses and drive around the circumference of Memorial Stadium in anticipation of touching the rock, running down the hill and taking the field. 

While every Tiger riding those busses has participated in this tradition before every home game, their trip around the stadium has never been quite like this, with a Top 5 opponent that happens to be an old rival in town with no return date set, and not with GameDay and a national primetime audience in town. It may not have been this specific tradition that did it for you, but for every single person reading this article it was some moment like this that pulled you into college football.

On the surface, yes, you're about to watch three busses labor around a football stadium, but it's really much, much more than that.