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Video: This has to be some of Illinois' best recruiting material

Heading into the 2013 season USC (40), LSU (39), and Miami (38) were the most represented college programs with players in the NFL, according to an SI piece. Ohio State was the only Big Ten team in the top ten with 27 former players in the league.

Today, Illinois released this video boasting that 26 of their former players are currently on NFL rosters. Going by 2013's numbers (which have undoubtedly changed significantly) 26 would put Illinois tied for 12th with Florida, right behind Ohio State, and Oregon. With Beckman and his staff in the thick of the rebuilding process for the Illini, that has to be particularly impressive to young recruits who are considering taking their talents to Champaign.

Here's a look at those 26 players during their heyday wearing the orange and blue.