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Video: This is what happens when you put your SID in pads

Northern Colorado Bears sports information assistant Parker Cotton decided to put the pads on and see just how hard it was to be a football player recently. 

Cotton tried just about every position on the field, and it looked pretty rough for him with players laughing in the background practically the entire time. Afterwards, quarterback Sean Rubalcaba gave a brutally honest review of his talents when asked what Cotton needed to work on.

"Technique...lifting...speed...but you know, that's the easy stuff."

Catching a shotgun snap, throwing, tackling, blocking, and rushing the passer all don't seem to be Parker's strong suit, but he does kick a decent PAT.

There's plenty of sports information directors / assistants out there that Cotton could outperform, but I wonder who would be the best at these events? Submissions for the top spot are welcomed.