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Video tour of Iowa State's new facility

Almost two years ago, head coach Paul Rhoads gave the architects of the new 60,000 square foot Bergstrom Football Complex five pages of hand written notes that detailed his vision for the new facility down to the smallest of details.

"We wanted it to be designed with a blue collar work ethic in mind, that's exactly the finished product that we had, with plenty of "wow" to go on top of it." Rhoads told the media.

Above is a video tour of the nearly finished, $20.6 million facility, done by the video staff at Iowa State, along with a clip below from that has some great insight from coach Rhoads and his staff on their input for the project.

The "front porch" of the new facility ethic is the 11,000 square foot football-only weight room. We saw a note earlier that some of the equipment in the weight room is powered by hydraulic racks, allowing players to life safer, faster, and more effectively. Director of strength and conditioning Yancy McKnight explains how their loss to Missouri led to the plan and layout of the new weight room, and explains, "We were very hands on in the whole design, as far as the room. I have no one to complain to about anything except myself if I don't like it. It would be my fault."

You can definitely see the "blue collar" work ethic in the details that Rhoads was aiming for, and there's definitely still that "wow" factor that will impress recruits and their families.

Interesting note at the end of the clip below. Listen carefully to what Ben Bruns, the project manager from The Weitz Company, has to say about the facility at the end.

"It could be bigger, we could have spent more, but it is as efficient as you could have ever imagined it to be, and that's what you want. People design kitchens and they think 'I want my kitchen to be really big.' Well that makes it harder to cook. So this thing is designed to cook the right way." Bruns explained.

Nice analogy.